Futurama Season 2 (2000)

Futurama Season 2 (2000)Futurama Season 2 (2000) Episode List

Futurama [2x01] - I Second That Emotion
Futurama [2x02] - Brannigan Begin Again
Futurama [2x03] - A Head in the Polls
Futurama [2x04] - Xmas Story
Futurama [2x05] - Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love
Futurama [2x06] - Lesser of Two Evils
Futurama [2x07] - Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Futurama [2x08] - Raging Bender
Futurama [2x09] - A Bicyclopes Built for Two
Futurama [2x10] - A Clone of My Own
Futurama [2x11] - How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
Futurama [2x12] - The Deep South
Futurama [2x13] - Bender Gets Made
Futurama [2x14] - Mother´s Day
Futurama [2x15] - The Problem With Popplers
Futurama [2x16] - Anthology of Interest Part 1
Futurama [2x17] - War Is the H-Word
Futurama [2x18] - The Honking
Futurama [2x19] - The Cryonic Woman

Futurama Season 1 (1999)

Futurama Season 1 (1999)Futurama Season 1 (1999) Episode List

Futurama [1x01] - Space Pilot 3000
Futurama [1x02] - The Series Has Landed
Futurama [1x03] - I, Roommate
Futurama [1x04] - Love's Labors Lost in Space
Futurama [1x05] - Fear of a Bot Planet
Futurama [1x06] - A Fishful of Dollars
Futurama [1x07] - My Three Suns
Futurama [1x08] - A Big Piece of Garbage
Futurama [1x09] - Hell is Other Robots
Futurama [1x10] - A Flight to Remember
Futurama [1x11] - Mars University
Futurama [1x12] - When Aliens Attack
Futurama [1x13] - Fry & the Slurm Factory

Gakuen Alice (Japan Anime 2004)

Gakuen Alice (Japan Anime 2004)Gakuen Alice (Japan Anime 2004)

Alternative title:
- Alice Academy
- La Academia Alice (Spanish)
- 学園アリス (Japanese)
- 학원 앨리스 (Korean)

Genres: comedy, magic, romance
Themes: magical girl, school


There are so many incredible things beyond comprehension in the world and it seems that the number of mysterious incidents are increasing. Therefore, a school was established where individuals who possess unusual abilities can receive proper training. This school is called "Alice Academy" and a person who possesses a very special ability is called "An Alice of X".

"Alice Academy" is not a secret or hidden institution of sorcerers and black magicians like the place where Harry Potter studies...! It is a legitimate public school for gifted students. All the students and also the teachers of the academy have very unique talents. Unexpected clamor and commotion happen on the campus with regularity. As a precaution, the academy strongly recommends that anyone not possessing an "Alice" should stay away!!

Mikan's close friend, Hotaru suddenly moves to a school in a big city. Mikan misses Hotaru and follows her to a school called "Alice Academy", where she finds that only students gifted with special abilities are accepted. Mr Narumi, one of the teachers, gives Mikan a one week trial. Mikan is overjoyed to see Hotaru, but the bullies in her class use their Alice on her. To their astonishment, Mikan protects herself from their attacks by neutralizing the malicious energy. This is her Alice. Mikan is officially accepted to enter the academy, not knowing what is waiting for her in this paranormal world of Alice Academy.

Episode List:

01. Our School Will Be Gone
02. Welcome to Gakuen Alice
03. I Won't Let Alice Get to Me
04. This is My Alice
05. The Star-Class is Tough
06. I'm With The Good-For-Nothing Types
07. I Won't Lose the Alice Dodgeball
08. I Want To See Grandpa
09. I Love You, Hotaru
10. How Exciting, Central Town
11. Alice, I'm in Special Training
12. The School Festival is Here
13. Go After the Superstar
14. Let's Bring Natsume Back
15. Let's Go Back to the Academy
16. Imagine the Maze, the Magic Lamp
17. Hotaru's Secret
18. Just the Two of Us, in the Dark
19. Raise the Curtain, Snow White Sleeping Beauty
20. Who Will Have the Last Dance?
21. Aim for the Honor Student Award
22. Mr. Bear and the Prince
23. The Circus is Here
24. Mr. Narumi's Lie
25. Take Back the Academy
26. Friendship is endless

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Buzzer Beater (ANIME 2007)

Buzzer Beater (ANIME 2007)(Complete)-13ep

The Boondocks Season 2 (2007)

The Boondocks Season 2 (2007)The Boondocks Season 2 (2007) Episode List:

The Boondocks S02E01 - …Or Die Trying
The Boondocks S02E02 - Tom, Sarah and Usher
The Boondocks S02E03 - Thank You For Not Snitching
The Boondocks S02E04 - Stinkmeaner Strikes Back
The Boondocks S02E05 - The Story Of Thugnificent
The Boondocks S02E06 - Attack Of The Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch
The Boondocks S02E07 - Shinin'
The Boondocks S02E08 - Ballin'
The Boondocks S02E09 - Invasion Of The Katrinians
The Boondocks S02E10 - Home Alone
The Boondocks S02E11 - The S-Word
The Boondocks S02E12 - The Story Of Catcher Freeman
The Boondocks S02E13 - The Story Of Gangstalicious Part 2
The Boondocks S02E14 - The Hunger Strike
The Boondocks S02E15 - The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

External links:
# The Boondocks (TV series) at Wikipedia

The Boondocks Season 1 (2005)

The Boondocks Season 1 (2005)
The Boondocks is an American animated series created by Aaron McGruder for the Adult Swim programming block of Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network, based upon McGruder's comic strip of the same name. The Boondocks is a social satire of American culture and race relations, revolving around the lives of the Freeman family – ten-year-old Huey, his younger brother, eight-year-old Riley, and their grandfather, Robert. The series is produced by Rebel Base in association with Sony Pictures Television and is currently airing its second season on Adult Swim.

The Boondocks takes place in the same place and time frame as its comic counterpart. The Freeman family, having recently transplanted themselves from the South Side of Chicago to the peaceful, fictional suburb of Woodcrest, find different ways to cope with this acute change in setting as well as the drastically different suburban cultures and lifestyles to which they are exposed. The perspective offered by this mixture of cultures, lifestyles, and races provides for much of the comedy on which the series plays.

The Boondocks Season 1 (2005) Episode List:

The Boondocks S01E01 - The Garden Party
The Boondocks S01E02 - The Trial Of R. Kelly
The Boondocks S01E03 - Guess Hoe's Coming To Dinner
The Boondocks S01E04 - Granddad's Fight
The Boondocks S01E05 - A Date With The Health Inspector
The Boondocks S01E06 - The Story Of Gangstalicious
The Boondocks S01E07 - A Huey Freeman Christmas
The Boondocks S01E08 - The Real
The Boondocks S01E09 - Return Of The King
The Boondocks S01E10 - The Itis
The Boondocks S01E11 - Let's Nab Oprah
The Boondocks S01E12 - Riley Wuz Here
The Boondocks S01E13 - Wingmen
The Boondocks S01E14 - The Block Is Hot
The Boondocks S01E15 - The Passion Of Reverend Ruckus

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# The Boondocks (TV series) at Wikipedia
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